Advocates for Youth (Enlace para jóvenes)

Advocates for Youth (2004) Advocates for Youth Medio: Programa

Multitud de ideas sobre campañas que promueven el uso del preservativo. En inglés.

Since its founding in 1980, Advocates for Youth has served as a bold voice and respected leader in the field of adolescent reproductive and sexual health. For more than three decades, the organization has worked tirelessly to promote effective adolescent reproductive and sexual health programs and policies in the United States and the global south.

Advocates for Youth believes that all young people have the right to the reproductive and sexual health information, confidential, safe services and a secure stake in the future. Advocates envisions a world in which societies view adolescent sexual development as normal and healthy, treat youth as partners in promoting sexual health and value young people’s relationships with each other and with adults. The core values of Rights. Respect. Responsibility.® (3Rs)

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