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Improving Young People’s Mental Health in Europe: Transforming Lives, Strengthening Prevention.
European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) , 14/04/2015
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) report on the ‘Health of Young People in Europe’, mental disorders in young people are on the rise with an estimated 10- 20% of young Europeans suffering from mental or behavioural disorders. On average, one out of five children and adolescents suffers from developmental, emotional or behavioural problems and approximately one-eighth have a clinically diagnosed mental disorder.



Mental health or psychological well-being constitutes an essential part of an individual’s capacity to lead a fulfilling life, including the ability to discover his or her own abilities, make social, educational and professional choices and cope with the normal stresses of life. It is an essential condition for the healthy functioning of families, communities and society and represents a resource supporting overall well-being and productivity.

Young people face different pressures and challenges related to the transition from childhood to adulthood, which involve growing academic and professional expectations, changing social relationships with family and peers, and the physical and emotional changes associated with maturation. In addition to this, young Europeans must also face the negative effects of the economic crisis, both through the situation of their parents and through their own.


Improving Young People’s Mental Health in Europe: Transforming Lives, Strengthening Prevention.

Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre
Tuesday 23rd June 2015.

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